The new website of the Skolelinux project in Germany is currently being created.

The schoolnetwork for everyone

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Skolelinux is not just a softwareproject, but also an active community, which collects, tests, documents and conrtibutes free software. That not just happends national and regional but also international.

Not only developer are part of the community, but also user, who share their experiences with free software and teaching. These one help the product to be specified for the requirements of the teacher and students.

Professional solution and support

Debian edu has not just the community aspect, but also needs to  perform the requirements at school and other education. For this you neded high quality software, which is found in the well known stability and reliability of Debian-GNU/Linux-distributions.

Also involes Skolelinux an active network with private citicens and professinal enterprises, who work voluntary and commercial - and so SLA-usable - to support old and young people installing and using the software.


At the moment we are still discussing the cooperation with the previous Skolelinux partners and support companies. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us by e-mail!